Mana Gathering

Magic: the Gathering


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Crystal Grotto Hall of Tagsin Mech Hangar
Pay 1 mana Pay 1 mana Spend only on pilot and vehicle spells

Plaza of Heroes Secluded Courtyard The Mycosynth Gardens
Legendary spells or color of legend you control Choose a creature type, spend only on spells or abilities of chosen type Pay 1 mana

The Seedcore Thran Portal Uncharted Haven
Spend only on Phyrexian creatures Choose basic land type when played, pay 1 life Choose a color when played

Voldaren Estate
Pay 1 life, spend only on vampire spells

One-shot multicolor

1 mana of any color only on the turn it was played

Honorable Mentions

Evolving Wilds Field of Ruin Terramorphic Expanse