Mana Gathering

Magic: the Gathering

All Magic: the Gathering Special Edition lands (full art, borderless, limited release, etc). Click on a card to check price, printings, and more.

Double Masters Full Art Basic Lands

2XM Plains 1 2XM Plains 2
2XM Island 1 2XM Island 2
2XM Swamp 1 2XM Swamp 2
2XM Mountain 1 2XM Mountain 2
2XM Forest 1 2XM Forest 2

Secret Lair Godzilla Basic Lands - Japanese

SLG Plains SLG Island
SLG Swamp SLG Mountain SLG Forest

Unsanctioned Full Art Basic Lands

UNC Plains UNC Island
UNC Swamp UNC Mountain UNC Forest

Theros Beyond Death Full Art Basic Lands

THB Plains THB Island
THB Swamp THB Mountain THB Forest

Secret Lair Snow Basic Lands

SL Plains SL Island
SL Swamp SL Mountain SL Forest

Modern Horizons Full Art Snow Basic Lands

mh1 Plains mh1 Island
mh1 Swamp mh1 Mountain mh1 Forest

Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kit Basic Lands


RNA Plains RNA Island


RNA Island RNA Forest


RNA Forest RNA Mountain


RNA Mountain RNA Swamp


RNA Swamp RNA Plains

Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit Basic Lands


GRN Plains GRN Mountain


GRN Mountain GRN Island


GRN Island GRN Swamp


GRN Swamp GRN Forest


GRN Forest GRN Plains

Amonkhet Full Art Basic Lands

AKH Plains AKH Island
AKH Swamp AKH Mountain AKH Forest

Hour of Devastation Full Art Basic Lands

HOU Plains HOU Island
HOU Swamp HOU Mountain HOU Forest

2014 Judge Promo Full Art Basic Lands

JP Plains JP Island
JP Swamp JP Mountain JP Forest

Unstable Full Art Borderless Basic Lands

UNS Plains UNS Island
UNS Swamp UNS Mountain UNS Forest

Unhinged Full Art Basic Lands

UNH Plains UNH Island
UNH Swamp UNH Mountain UNH Forest

Unglued Full Art Basic Lands

UNG Plains UNG Island
UNG Swamp UNG Mountain UNG Forest

Coldsnap Basic Snow Lands

CSP Plains CSP Island
CSP Swamp CSP Mountain CSP Forest

Ice Age Basic Snow Lands

ICE Plains ICE Island
ICE Swamp ICE Mountain ICE Forest

Guru Program Basic Lands

Guru Plains Guru Island
Guru Swamp Guru Mountain Guru Forest

EURO (European) Basic Lands

Red Booster Pack

EURO Plains 1 EURO Island 1
EURO Swamp 1 EURO Mountain 1 EURO Forest 1

Blue Booster Pack

EURO Plains 2 EURO Island 2
EURO Swamp 2 EURO Mountain 2 EURO Forest 2

Purple Booster Pack

EURO Plains 3 EURO Island 3
EURO Swamp 3 EURO Mountain 3 EURO Forest 3

APAC (Asia PACific) Basic Lands

Red Booster Pack

APAC Plains 1 APAC Island 1
APAC Swamp 1 APAC Mountain 1 APAC Forest 1

Blue Booster Pack

APAC Plains 2 APAC Island 2
APAC Swamp 2 APAC Mountain 2 APAC Forest 2

Clear Booster Pack

APAC Plains 3 APAC Island 3
APAC Swamp 3 APAC Mountain 3 APAC Forest 3

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