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Magic: the Gathering


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Kaldheim Snow Land
Highland Forest
Front Back
Cragcrown Pathway Timbercrown Pathway
Gain Land Scry Land
Rugged Highlands Temple of Abandon


Shock Land Guildgate
Stomping Ground Gruul Guildgate
Check Land Generic Tapped Land
Rootbound Crag Timber Gorge
Bi-Cycle Land Reveal Land
Sheltered Thicket Game Trail
Battle Land
Cinder Glade


Fetch Land Artifact Land
Wooded Foothills Slagwoods Bridge
Fast Land Creature Land
Copperline Gorge Raging Ravine
Pain Land Refuge
Karplusan Forest Kazandu Refuge
Filter Land Future Shifted Land
Fire-Lit Thicket Grove of the Burnwillows
Storage Land Snow Tapped Land
Fungal Reaches Highland Weald
Bounce Land Kamigawa Land
Gruul Turf Pinecrest Ridge
Invasion Tapped Land
Shivan Oasis

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Land Odyssey Filter Land
Spire Garden Mossfire Valley
Tempest Land Slow Fetch Land
Mogg Hollows Mountain Valley
Depletion Land True Dual
Timberline Ridge Taiga

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