Mana Gathering

Magic: the Gathering


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Pain Land Fetchable Tapped Land
Battlefield Forge Sacred Peaks
Gain Land Slow Land
Wind-Scarred Crag Sundown Pass


Strixhaven Campus Reveal Land
Lorehold Campus Furycalm Snarl
Kaldheim Snow Land Scry Land
Alpine Meadow Temple of Triumph
Shock Land Guildgate
Sacred Foundry Boros Guildgate
Check Land Generic Tapped Land
Clifftop Retreat Stone Quarry
Fast Land Creature Land
Inspiring Vantage Needle Spires

Pathway (MDFC Land)
Front Back
Needleverge Pathway Pillarverge Pathway

Transform Land
Front Back
Path of Mettle Metzali, Tower of Triumph


Fetch Land Artifact Land
Arid Mesa Rustvale Bridge
Horizon Land Filter Land
Sunbaked Canyon Rugged Prairie
Tribal Land Bounce Land
Ancient Amphitheater Boros Garrison

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Land Tempest Land
Spectator Seating Scabland
True Dual

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