Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering


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Tri Cycle Land Sac Fetch Land Tri Land Unique Tri Land
Standard legal Standard legal Modern legal Pioneer legal
Xander's Lounge Maestros Theater Crumbling Necropolis Crypt of the Eternals
Tri Fetch Land Tri Lair Land Invasion Tri Land Homeland Tri Land
Modern legal Legacy, Vintage,
Commander legal
Legacy, Vintage,
Commander legal
Legacy, Vintage,
Commander legal
Grixis Panorama Crosis's Catacombs Sulfur Vent Castle Sengir

Black / Red Lands Blue / Red Lands Blue / Black Lands


Fetchable Tapped Lands Pain Lands
Geothermal Bog Molten Tributary Contaminated Aquifer Sulfurous Springs Shivan Reef Underground River

Gain Lands Slow Lands
Bloodfell Caves Swiftwater Cliffs Dismal Backwater Haunted Ridge Stormcarved Coast Shipwreck Marsh

Sac Draw Lands
Tramway Station Waterfront District


Strixhaven Campus Reveal Lands
Prismari Campus Foreboding Ruins Frostboil Snarl Choked Estuary

Kaldheim Snow Lands Scry Lands
Sulfurous Mire Volatile Fjord Ice Tunnel Temple of Malice Temple of Epiphany Temple of Deceit

Shock Lands Guildgates
Blood Crypt Steam Vents Watery Grave Rakdos Guildgate Izzet Guildgate Dimir Guildgate

Check Lands Generic Tapped Lands
Dragonskull Summit Sulfur Falls Drowned Catacomb Cinder Barrens Highland Lake Submerged Boneyard

Bi-Cycle Lands Fast Lands
Canyon Slough Fetid Pools Blackcleave Cliffs Spirebluff Canal Darkslick Shores

Tango Lands Creature Lands
Smoldering Marsh Sunken Hollow Lavaclaw Reaches Wandering Fumarole Creeping Tar Pit

MDFC Lands
Front Back Front Back Front Back
Blightstep Pathway Searstep Pathway Riverglide Pathway Lavaglide Pathway Clearwater Pathway Murkwater Pathway

Transform Land
Front Back
Storm the Vault Vault of Catlacan


Fetch Lands Artifact Lands
Bloodstained Mire Scalding Tarn Polluted Delta Drossforge Bridge Silverbluff Bridge Mistvault Bridge

Horizon Land Fast Lands
Fiery Islet Blackcleave Cliffs Spirebluff Canal Darkslick Shores

Creature Lands Pain Lands
Lavaclaw Reaches Wandering Fumarole Creeping Tar Pit Sulfurous Springs Shivan Reef Underground River

Filter Lands Bounce Lands
Graven Cairns Cascade Bluffs Sunken Ruins Rakdos Carnarium Izzet Boilerworks Dimir Aqueduct

Refuge Tribal Lands Future Shifted Land
Akoum Refuge Jwar Isle Refuge Auntie's Hovel Secluded Glen Graven Cairns River of Tears

Storage Lands Coldsnap Snow Lands
Molten Slagheap Dreadship Reef Tresserhorn Sinks Frost Marsh

Kamigawa Lands Invasion Tapped Lands
Lantern-Lit Graveyard Waterveil Cavern Urborg Volcano Salt Marsh

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Lands Tainted Lands
Luxury Suite Training Center Morphic Pool Tainted Peak Tainted Isle

Odyssey Filter Lands Tempest Slow Untap Lands
Shadowblood Ridge Darkwater Catacombs Cinder Marsh Rootwater Depths

Tempest Slow Pain Land Slow Fetch Lands Deplete Land
Caldera Lake Rocky Tar Pit Bad River Lava Tubes River Delta

True Duals
Badlands Volcanic Island Underground Sea

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