Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering


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Fast Land Pain Land Fetchable Tapped Land
Darkslick Shores Underground River Contaminated Aquifer

Sac Draw Land Gain Land Slow Land
Waterfront District Dismal Backwater Shipwreck Marsh


Kaldheim Snow Land Scry Land Shock Land Guildgate Check Land
Ice Tunnel Temple of Deceit Watery Grave Dimir Guildgate Drowned Catacomb
Generic Tapped Land Bi-Cycle Land Reveal Land Tango Land
Submerged Boneyard Fetid Pools Choked Estuary Sunken Hollow
Pathway (MDFC Land)
Front Back
Clearwater Pathway Murkwater Pathway


Fetch Land Artifact Land Creature Land Refuge
Polluted Delta Mistvault Bridge Creeping Tar Pit Jwar Isle Refuge
Filter Land Tribal Land Future Shifted Land Storage Land
Sunken Ruins Secluded Glen River of Tears Dreadship Reef
Snow Tapped Land Bounce Land Kamigawa Land Invasion Tapped Land
Frost Marsh Dimir Aqueduct Waterveil Cavern Salt Marsh

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Land Tainted Land Odyssey Filter Land Tempest Land
Morphic Pool Tainted Isle Darkwater Catacombs Rootwater Depths
Slow Fetch Land Depletion Land True Dual
Bad River River Delta Underground Sea

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