Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering


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Fetchable Tapped Land Pain Land Gain Land Slow Land
Molten Tributary Shivan Reef Swiftwater Cliffs Stormcarved Coast


Strixhaven Campus Reveal Land Kaldheim Snow Land Scry Land Shock Land
Prismari Campus Frostboil Snarl Volatile Fjord Temple of Epiphany Steam Vents
Guildgate Check Land Generic Tapped Land Fast Land Creature Land
Izzet Guildgate Sulfur Falls Highland Lake Spirebluff Canal Wandering Fumarole
Pathway (MDFC Land) Transform Land
Front Back Front Back
Riverglide Pathway Lavaglide Pathway Storm the Vault Vault of Catlacan


Fetch Land Artifact Land Horizon Land Filter Land Bounce Land
Scalding Tarn Silverbluff Bridge Fiery Islet Cascade Bluffs Izzet Boilerworks

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Land Tempest Land True Dual
Training Center Caldera Lake Volcanic Island

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