Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering


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Tri Cycle Land Tri Land Unique Tri Land
Pioneer legal Pioneer legal Pioneer legal
Savai Triome Nomad Outpost Tournament Grounds

Black / Red Lands Red / White Lands White / Black Lands


Fast Lands Pain Lands
Blackcleave Cliffs Inspiring Vantage Concealed Courtyard Sulfurous Springs Battlefield Forge Caves of Koilos

Fetchable Tapped Lands Gain Lands
Geothermal Bog Sacred Peaks Sunlit Marsh Bloodfell Caves Wind-Scarred Crag Scoured Barrens

Slow Lands Sac Draw Land
Haunted Ridge Sundown Pass Shattered Sanctum Tramway Station


Fast Lands Reveal Lands
Blackcleave Cliffs Inspiring Vantage Concealed Courtyard Foreboding Ruins Furycalm Snarl Shineshadow Snarl

Kaldheim Snow Lands Scry Lands
Sulfurous Mire Alpine Meadow Snowfield Sinkhole Temple of Malice Temple of Triumph Temple of Silence

Shock Lands Guildgates
Blood Crypt Sacred Foundry Godless Shrine Rakdos Guildgate Boros Guildgate Orzhov Guildgate

Check Lands Generic Tapped Lands
Dragonskull Summit Clifftop Retreat Isolated Chapel Cinder Barrens Stone Quarry Forsaken Sanctuary

Creature Lands
Lavaclaw Reaches Needle Spires Shambling Vent

Strixhaven Campuses Bi-Cycle Land Tango Land
Lorehold Campus Silverquill Campus Canyon Slough Smoldering Marsh

Pathways (MDFC Lands)
Front Back Front Back Front Back
Blightstep Pathway Searstep Pathway Needleverge Pathway Pillarverge Pathway Brightclimb Pathway Grimclimb Pathway

Transform Lands
Front Back Front Back
Path of Mettle Metzali, Tower of Triumph Profane Procession Tomb of the Dusk Rose


Fetch Lands Artifact Lands
Bloodstained Mire Arid Mesa Marsh Flats Drossforge Bridge Rustvale Bridge Goldmire Bridge

Creature Lands Filter Lands
Lavaclaw Reaches Needle Spires Shambling Vent Graven Cairns Rugged Prairie Fetid Heath

Horizon Lands Bounce Lands
Sunbaked Canyon Silent Clearing Rakdos Carnarium Boros Garrison Orzhov Basilica

Refuge Tribal Lands Future Shifted Land
Akoum Refuge Auntie's Hovel Ancient Amphitheater Graven Cairns

Storage Land Coldsnap Snow Land Kamigawa Lands Invasion Tapped Lands
Molten Slagheap Tresserhorn Sinks Lantern-Lit Graveyard Urborg Volcano

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Lands Tainted Lands
Luxury Suite Spectator Seating Vault of Champions Tainted Peak Tainted Field

Odyssey Filter Lands Tempest Slow Untap Lands Tempest Slow Pain Lands Slow Fetch Lands Deplete Lands
Shadowblood Ridge Cinder Marsh Scabland Salt Flats Rocky Tar Pit Lava Tubes

True Duals
Badlands Plateau Scrubland

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