Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering


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Tri Cycle Land Sac Fetch Land Tri Land Tri Fetch Land
Standard legal Standard legal Modern legal Modern legal
Spara's Headquarters Brokers Hideout Seaside Citadel Bant Panorama

Tri Lair Land Invasion Tri Land Homeland Tri Land
Legacy, Vintage, Commander legal Legacy, Vintage, Commander legal Legacy, Vintage, Commander legal
Treva's Ruins Irrigation Ditch Aysen Abbey

White / Blue Lands Green / Blue Lands Green / White Lands


Fast Lands Pain Lands
Seachrome Coast Botanical Sanctum Razorverge Thicket Adarkar Wastes Yavimaya Coast Brushland

Fetchable Tapped Lands Gain Lands
Idyllic Beachfront Tangled Islet Radiant Grove Tranquil Cove Thornwood Falls Blossoming Sands

Slow Lands Unique Dual Land Sac Draw Lands
Deserted Beach Dreamroot Cascade Overgrown Farmland Fortified Beachhead Skybridge Towers Botanical Plaza


Fast Lands Reveal Lands
Seachrome Coast Botanical Sanctum Razorverge Thicket Port Town Vineglimmer Snarl Fortified Village

Kaldheim Snow Lands Scry Lands
Glacial Floodplain Rimewood Falls Arctic Treeline Temple of Enlightenment Temple of Mystery Temple of Plenty

Shock Lands Guildgates
Hallowed Fountain Breeding Pool Temple Garden Azorius Guildgate Simic Guildgate Selesnya Guildgate

Check Lands Generic Tapped Lands
Glacial Fortress Hinterland Harbor Sunpetal Grove Meandering River Woodland Stream Tranquil Expanse

Creature Lands
Celestial Colonnade Lumbering Falls Stirring Wildwood

Strixhaven Campus Bi-Cycle Lands Tango Lands
Quandrix Campus Irrigated Farmland Scattered Groves Prairie Stream Canopy Vista

Pathways (MDFC Lands)
Front Back Front Back Front Back
Hengegate Pathway Mistgate Pathway Barkchannel Pathway Tidechannel Pathway Branchloft Pathway Boulderloft Pathway

Transform Land
Front Back
Hadana's Climb Winged Temple of Orazca


Fetch Lands Artifact Lands
Flooded Strand Misty Rainforest Windswept Heath Razortide Bridge Tanglepool Bridge Thornglint Bridge

Creature Lands Filter Lands
Celestial Colonnade Lumbering Falls Stirring Wildwood Mystic Gate Flooded Grove Wooded Bastion

Horizon Lands Bounce Lands Tribal Land
Waterlogged Grove Horizon Canopy Azorius Chancery Simic Growth Chamber Selesnya Sanctuary Wanderwine Hub

Refuges Future Shifted Lands Storage Lands
Sejiri Refuge Graypelt Refuge Nimbus Maze Horizon Canopy Calciform Pools Saltcrusted Steppe

Coldsnap Snow Lands Kamigawa Lands Invasion Tapped Lands
Boreal Shelf Arctic Flats Cloudcrest Lake Tranquil Garden Coastal Tower Elfhame Palace

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Lands Unique Dual Land
Sea of Clouds Rejuvenating Springs Bountiful Promenade Krosan Verge

Odyssey Filter Lands Tempest Slow Untap Lands Tempest Slow Pain Land
Skycloud Expanse Sungrass Prairie Thalakos Lowlands Vec Townships Skyshroud Forest

Slow Fetch Lands Deplete Land
Flood Plain Grasslands Land Cap Veldt

True Duals
Tundra Tropical Island Savannah

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