Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering

All Magic: the Gathering lands printed in Secret Lair products. Lands that are not part of a cycle and/or bonus cards at bottom of page.

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Transformers: One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

Full Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 1088 SLD Island 1089 SLD Swamp 1090 SLD Mountain 1091 SLD Forest 1092

Special Guest: Kozyndan: The Lands

Full Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 1130 SLD Island 1131 SLD Swamp 1132 SLD Mountain 1133 SLD Forest 1134

The Astrology Lands

Full Art Basic Lands

Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries
SLD Swamp 384 SLD Island 385 SLD Island 386 SLD Mountain 387

Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo
SLD Forest 388 SLD Mountain 389 SLD Plains 390 SLD Plains 391

Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
SLD Island 392 SLD Plains 393 SLD Swamp 394 SLD Forest 395

Secret Lair x Post Malone: The Lands

Retro Frame Basic Lands

SLD Plains 1190 SLD Island 1191 SLD Swamp 1192 SLD Mountain 1193 SLD Forest 1194

Totally Spaced Out Galaxy Foil Edition

Retro Frame Basic Lands

SLD Ash Barrens SLD Command Beacon SLD Fabled Passage SLD Strip Mine

Secret Lair x FORTNITE: Landmarks and Locations

Full Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 448 SLD Island 449 SLD Swamp 450 SLD Mountain 451 SLD Forest 452

The Tokyo Lands - Japanese

Full Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 46 SLD Island 47 SLD Swamp 48 SLD Mountain 49 SLD Forest 50

Special Guest: Matt Jukes

Borderless Check Lands

SLD Glacial Fortress SLD Drowned Catacombe SLD Dragonskull Summit SLD Rootbound Crag SLD Sunpetal Grove

Artist Series: Sidharth Chaturvedi

Sidharth Chaturvedi Art Lands

SLD Ghost Quarter SLD Nomad Outpost SLD Island 466 SLD Ghost Quarter 679
Bonus Card

Pictures of the Floating World

Extended Art Lorwyn Hideaway Lands - Japanese

SLD Windbrisk Heights SLD Shelldock Isle SLD Howltooth Hollow SLD Spinerock Knoll SLD Mosswort Bridge

Shades Not Included

80s Inspired Basic Lands

SLD Plains 415 SLD Island 416 SLD Swamp 417 SLD Mountain 418 SLD Forest 419

Secret Lair x Arcane: Lands

Arcane League of Legends Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 484 SLD Island 485 SLD Swamp 486
SLD Mountain 487 SLD Forest 488 SLD Summoner's Rift
Bonus Card


Full Art Snow-Covered Basic Lands

SL Pixel Plains SL Pixel Island SL Pixel Swamp SL Pixel Mountain SL Pixel Forest

The Dracula Lands

Full Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 359 SLD Island 360 SLD Swamp 361 SLD Mountain 362 SLD Forest 363

Showcase: Midnight Hunt

Full Art Black and White Utility Lands

SLD Moorland Haunt SLD Nephalia Drownyard SLD Stensia Bloodhall SLD Kessig Wolf Run SLD Gavony Township
SLD Vault of the Archangel SLD Grim Backwoods SLD Alchemist's Refuge SLD Desolate Lighthouse SLD Slayers' Stronghold


Full Art Artifact Lands

SLD Ancient Den SLD Seat of the Synod SLD Vault of Whispers
SLD Great Furnace SLD Tree of Tales SLD Darksteel Citadel
Bonus Card

Culture Shocks

Shock Lands

SLD Hallowed Fountain SLD Watery Grave SLD Blood Crypt SLD Stomping Ground SLD Temple Garden
SLD Godless Shrine SLD Overgrown Tomb SLD Breeding Pool SLD Steam Vents SLD Sacred Foundry

The Full-Text Lands

Full Text Basic Lands

SLD Plains 254 SLD Island 255 SLD Swamp 256
SLD Mountain 257 SLD Forest 258 SLD Terramorphic Expanse
Bonus Card

The Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands

Full Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 239 SLD Island 240 SLD Swamp 241 SLD Mountain 242 SLD Forest 243

Happy Little Gathering

Bob Ross Art Basic Lands

SLD Plains 100 SLD Island 102 SLD Swamp 104 SLD Mountain 106 SLD Forest 108
SLD Plains 101 SLD Island 103 SLD Swamp 105 SLD Mountain 107 SLD Forest 109
SLD Evolving Wilds
Bonus Card

The Godzilla Lands

Full Art Basic Lands - Japanese

SLG Plains SLG Island SLG Swamp SLG Mountain SLG Forest

Eldraine Wonderland

Snow-Covered Basic Lands

SL Plains SL Island SL Swamp SL Mountain SL Forest

Unique cards and bonus cards in other Secret Lair sets

Secret Lair x Warhammer 40,000: Orks (Bonus Card) Secret Lair x Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Bonus Card) Secret Lair x Blood Bowl (Bonus Card) Artist Series: Aleksi Briclot
SLD Wastes 704 SLD Wastes 705 SLD Wastes 706 SLD Eldrazi Temple

The Astrology Lands: Capricorn (Bonus Card) Pride 2022 Showcase: Neon Dynasty
SLD Sliver Hive SLD Mana Confluence SLD Boseiju, Who Shelters All SLD Hall of the Bandit Lord

Secret Lair x Stranger Things (Bonus Card) Secret Lair x MSCHF (Bonus Card)
Front Back Without Sticker With Sticker
SLD Hawkins National Laboratory SLD The Upside Down SLD Battlefield Forge SLD Plains 670

Welcome to Castle Dracula Artist Series: Magali Villeneuve Artist Series: Magali Villeneuve (Bonus Card) Fblthp: Completely, Utterly, Totally Lost
SLD Dracula's Tomb SLD Forest 476 SLD Forest 690 SLD Shelldock Isle

All-Natural, Totally Refreshing Superdrop (Bonus Cards) Artist Series: Mark Poole Black Is Magic
SLD Rogue's Passage SLD Reliquary Tower SLD Wasteland SLD Path of Ancestry

Artist Series: Seb McKinnon Artist Series: Seb McKinnon (Bonus Card) We Hope You Like Squirrels Full Sleeves: the Tattoo Pack
SLD Swamp 119 SLD Swamp 539 SLD Swarmyard SLD Inkmoth Nexus