Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering


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Kaldheim Snow Land Front Back Gain Land Scry Land
Glacial Floodplain Hengegate Pathway Mistgate Pathway Tranquil Cove Temple of Enlightenment


Shock Land Guildgate Check Land Generic Tapped Land
Hallowed Fountain Azorius Guildgate Glacial Fortress Meandering River
Bi-Cycle Land Reveal Land Battle Land
Irrigated Farmland Port Town Prairie Stream


Fetch Land Artifact Land Fast Land Creature Land Pain Land
Flooded Strand Razortide Bridge Seachrome Coast Celestial Colonnade Adarkar Wastes
Refuge Filter Land Tribal Land Future Shifted Land Storage Land
Sejiri Refuge Mystic Gate Wanderwine Hub Nimbus Maze Calciform Pools
Snow Tapped Land Bounce Land Kamigawa Land Invasion Tapped Land
Boreal Shelf Azorius Chancery Cloudcrest Lake Coastal Tower

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Land Odyssey Filter Land Tempest Land
Sea of Clouds Skycloud Expanse Thalakos Lowlands
Slow Fetch Land Depletion Land True Dual
Flood Plain Land Cap Tundra

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