Mana Gathering Magic: the Gathering


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Tri Land Tri Fetch Land Tri Lair Land Invasion Tri Land Homeland Tri Land
Modern legal Modern legal Legacy, Vintage, Commander legal Legacy, Vintage, Commander legal Legacy, Vintage, Commander legal
Jungle Shrine Naya Panorama Rith's Grove Tinder Farm An-Havva Township

Green / White Lands Red / White Lands Red / Green Lands


Slow Lands Strixhaven Campus Reveal Land
Overgrown Farmland Sundown Pass Rockfall Vale Lorehold Campus Furycalm Snarl

Kaldheim Snow Lands
Arctic Treeline Alpine Meadow Highland Forest

MDFC Lands
Front Back Front Back Front Back
Branchloft Pathway Boulderloft Pathway Needleverge Pathway Pillarverge Pathway Cragcrown Pathway Timbercrown Pathway


Gain Lands Scry Lands
Blossoming Sands Wind-Scarred Crag Rugged Highlands Temple of Plenty Temple of Triumph Temple of Abandon

Shock Lands Guildgates
Temple Garden Sacred Foundry Stomping Ground Selesnya Guildgate Boros Guildgate Gruul Guildgate

Check Lands Generic Tapped Lands
Sunpetal Grove Clifftop Retreat Rootbound Crag Tranquil Expanse Stone Quarry Timber Gorge

Bi-Cycle Lands Fast Land Reveal Lands
Scattered Groves Sheltered Thicket Inspiring Vantage Fortified Village Furycalm Snarl Game Trail

Tango Lands Creature Land Pain Land
Canopy Vista Cinder Glade Needle Spires Battlefield Forge

Transform Land
Front Back
Path of Mettle Metzali, Tower of Triumph


Fetch Lands Artifact Lands
Windswept Heath Arid Mesa Wooded Foothills Thornglint Bridge Rustvale Bridge Slagwoods Bridge

Horizon Land Fast Lands
Horizon Canopy Sunbaked Canyon Razorverge Thicket Inspiring Vantage Copperline Gorge

Creature Lands Pain Lands
Stirring Wildwood Needle Spires Raging Ravine Brushland Battlefield Forge Karplusan Forest

Filter Lands Bounce Lands
Wooded Bastion Rugged Prairie Fire-Lit Thicket Selesnya Sanctuary Boros Garrison Gruul Turf

Refuges Tribal Land Future Shifted Lands
Graypelt Refuge Kazandu Refuge Ancient Amphitheater Horizon Canopy Grove of the Burnwillows

Storage Lands Colsnap Snow Lands
Saltcrusted Steppe Fungal Reaches Arctic Flats Highland Weald

Kamigawa Lands Invasion Tapped Lands
Tranquil Garden Pinecrest Ridge Elfhame Palace Shivan Oasis

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Lands Unique Dual Land
Bountiful Promenade Spectator Seating Spire Garden Krosan Verge

Odyssey Filter Lands Tempest Slow Untap Lands
Sungrass Prairie Mossfire Valley Vec Townships Mogg Hollows

Tempest Slow Pain Land Slow Fetch Lands Deplete Land
Scabland Grasslands Mountain Valley Veldt Timberline Ridge

True Duals
Savannah Plateau Taiga

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