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Magic: the Gathering


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Tri Cycle Land Tri Land
Pioneer legal Pioneer legal
Ketria Triome Frontier Bivouac

Red / Green Lands Green / Blue Lands Blue / Red Lands


Fast Lands
Copperline Gorge Botanical Sanctum Spirebluff Canal

Pain Lands
Karplusan Forest Yavimaya Coast Shivan Reef

Fetchable Tapped Lands
Wooded Ridgeline Tangled Islet Molten Tributary

Gain Lands
Rugged Highlands Thornwood Falls Swiftwater Cliffs

Slow Lands
Rockfall Vale Dreamroot Cascade Stormcarved Coast

Sac Draw Land
Racers' Ring


Fast Lands
Copperline Gorge Botanical Sanctum Spirebluff Canal

Reveal Lands
Game Trail Vineglimmer Snarl Frostboil Snarl

Kaldheim Snow Lands
Highland Forest Rimewood Falls Volatile Fjord

Scry Lands
Temple of Abandon Temple of Mystery Temple of Epiphany

Shock Lands
Stomping Ground Breeding Pool Steam Vents

Gruul Guildgate Simic Guildgate Izzet Guildgate

Check Lands
Rootbound Crag Hinterland Harbor Sulfur Falls

Generic Tapped Lands
Timber Gorge Woodland Stream Highland Lake

Creature Lands
Raging Ravine Lumbering Falls Wandering Fumarole

Strixhaven Campuses
Quandrix Campus Prismari Campus

Bi-Cycle Land Tango Land
Sheltered Thicket Cinder Glade

Pathways (MDFC Lands)
Cragcrown Pathway Barkchannel Pathway Riverglide Pathway

Timbercrown Pathway Tidechannel Pathway Lavaglide Pathway

Transform Lands
Hadana's Climb Storm the Vault

Winged Temple of Orazca Vault of Catlacan


Fetch Lands
Wooded Foothills Misty Rainforest Scalding Tarn

Artifact Lands
Slagwoods Bridge Tanglepool Bridge Silverbluff Bridge

Horizon Lands
Waterlogged Grove Fiery Islet

Creature Lands
Raging Ravine Lumbering Falls Wandering Fumarole

Filter Lands
Fire-Lit Thicket Flooded Grove Cascade Bluffs

Bounce Lands
Gruul Turf Simic Growth Chamber Izzet Boilerworks

Refuge Future Shifted Land Storage Land
Kazandu Refuge Grove of the Burnwillows Fungal Reaches

Coldsnap Snow Land Kamigawa Land Invasion Tapped Land
Highland Weald Pinecrest Ridge Shivan Oasis

Legacy, Vintage, and Commander

Battlebond Lands
Spire Garden Rejuvenating Springs Training Center

Tempest Slow Untap Land Tempest Slow Pain Lands
Mogg Hollows Skyshroud Forest Caldera Lake

Odyssey Filter Land Slow Fetch Land Deplete Land
Mossfire Valley Mountain Valley Timberline Ridge

True Duals
Taiga Tropical Island Volcanic Island

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